Cooke Announces More Endorsements for Macon Circuit DA

Monday, November 5, 2012
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 Cooke Announces Endorsements for
Macon Circuit District Attorney


 “David Cooke epitomizes what I have come to know is the highest set of values we can hope to achieve: generosity of spirit, hard work, and dedication to making Georgia a state that we can all be proud of,” said Barnes. “I’m proud to endorse someone with David Cooke’s record of serving our families as a career prosecutor.”

–Gov. Roy Barnes


 “It is genuinely an honor and a pleasure to endorse a man of David’s faith and character for a position as important to the well-being of our entire community as our District Attorney,” Glover said. “I know David well. I know his family. I know his heart. And I even know his favorite scripture: Micah 6-8 ‘What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God?’ David Cooke is the right man for the right job.

–Dr. Walter L. Glover, Jr.


“I’ve known David Cooke and his family for a long time, and I’m proud to call him a friend. He’s fought to protect our families and neighborhoods in an honest, selfless way that has inspired a lot of other folks,” Randall said. “David Cooke is exactly the kind of DA Middle Georgia families and businesses need. David is an amazing husband, father, prosecutor and neighbor – he’s a good man. He would do a great job as DA.”

–Rep. Nikki Randall


“I’m honored to endorse a candidate of David Cooke’s character and experience,” Howard said. “As someone who dedicated many years to serving Georgia families in the legislature – focusing on issues like zero tolerance for drinking and driving for teens – I admire David Cooke’s dedication to his own family in Macon, but also his lifelong dedication to protecting and serving all Georgia families. David will be tough but fair.”

–Former Lt. Governor Pierre Howard


“I could tell you how honest and hardworking David Cooke is, what a great father he is, how proud I am that he chose Macon to put down roots and raise a family, but I honestly think the biggest testimony to David’s judgment and character is that he was smart enough to marry Macon’s own Rebecca Rowell,” Godsey said, smiling. “When you have one of the best legal minds in Georgia choose to put down roots here because they fell in love with a great Macon girl after meeting her in church, that tells you an awful lot about Macon, and Macon women, and the men smart enough to marry them. I’m proud to endorse David, like I’ve always been proud of the good work David has always done for our community.”

–Joan Godsey


“I’m proud to endorse David Cooke for District Attorney. David is a top-notch prosecutor who is an expert in putting those who prey on women and children in jail where they belong. Shutting down sex trafficking in Middle Georgia, a priority for David, is not just the right thing to do, it is critical for economic development. David is experienced, he’s fair, he’s dedicated, and he will be a huge asset for Middle Georgia families,” Benedict said. “David will be the kind of District Attorney that protects and serves everyone equally – and he’s exactly who we need in the DA’s office.”

–Macon City Councilwoman Lauren Benedict


“Public service has been a great blessing in my life, and as someone who dedicated 20 years to making Georgia a better place for our families and small businesses, I am honored to endorse David Cooke,” said Taylor. “David is exactly the kind of quiet, dedicated, hard-working servant who will work passionately to protect Middle Georgia families, and ensure a safe environment for businesses to thrive. Middle Georgia needs David Cooke.”

–Former Lt. Governor Mark Taylor


“As someone who broke down a lot of political barriers in Georgia – the first woman to run for U.S. Senate from either party in Georgia, for example – I respect public servants who put themselves on the line to protect our families and our communities, and that exemplifies David Cooke,” said Squires. “From watching David proudly on Nancy Grace to seeing him be tapped by Gov. Nathan Deal to head up a statewide training effort of our DA’s offices on sex trafficking prosecution, David Cooke has been protecting and defending our families with compassion and expertise. I’m honored to endorse him for Macon DA.”

–Former Senator & Democratic Insurance Commissioner Nominee Mary Squires


I proudly endorse David Cooke. David is strong. David is steadfast. David is solid. He is accessible and willing to serve ALL Middle Georgia. David’s leadership has been tested and proven. It would be a wise move for each of us to go out to the polls and elect David Cooke as our next district attorney.”

Pastor. I.M. Mack


“ We need to put transparency and accountability back in the District Attorney’s office – that our families have not had the past two years, “ Pastor Brown said.  “David Cooke is the man to bring that transparency and accountability to our DA’s office and I proudly endorse him.”

–Pastor Shelton Brown Jr. of Rehoboth Family Worship Center

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