David Cooke outraises Greg Winters

Macon District Attorney candidate David Cooke outraises Greg Winters for every reporting period of campaign

(Macon, GA) Today David Cooke, Democratic candidate for Macon Circuit District Attorney, announced his fundraising totals in accordance with the Oct. 25th financial disclosure deadline.  To-date, Cooke has raised $122,265 for his campaign–$35,144 raised in the first 25 days of October.  His opponent, Greg Winters, reported raising $76,352.54 and only $9,257.19 (including a $917.19 loan) in the first 25 days of October.

Cooke has out-raised his opponent every reporting deadline for the life of the campaign, despite being a challenger against an incumbent Republican.

“I am humbled by the depth and breadth of support our campaign has gotten over the course of this campaign,” Cooke said. “We all know money is probably the least important part of campaigning. But as a measure of how many folks want change, and how many friends and colleagues agree that they are not being protected that also contribute is overwhelming.  Rebecca and I are truly blessed!”

A resident of Macon, David Cooke and his wife — Macon native Rebecca Rowell Cooke  — have three young children. The couple met at Macon’s First Baptist Church of Christ, where David and Rebecca are now both Deacons.

David previously served as Chief of the Special Victims Unit (SVU) for four years, and

was a Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, where he successfully handled the starvation and torture-murder case of five-year-old Terrell Peterson. In addition to working in the Homicide and Special Victims Units in Atlanta, Cooke served as an Assistant Solicitor-General in Athens, GA, and as an Assistant District Attorney in Carrollton, GA.

Cooke is a frequent lecturer on crimes against women and children, and has been featured multiple times as an expert commentator on HLN’s Nancy Grace Show.

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